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domenica 26 agosto 2012

The System

The existence of ' system ' in the world is at once obvious to every observer of nature, no matter whom.
The arrangement of the parts of the universe has always been a source of amazement to men.
But this disposition proves itself more and more astonishing as, every day, our science is able to make a more precise and penetrating study of the facts.
The farther and more deeply we penetrate into matter, by means of increasingly powerful methods, the more we are confounded by the interdependence of its parts. Each element of the cosmos is positively woven from all the others: from beneath itself by the mysterious phenomenon of ' composition ', which makes it subsistent through the apex of an organised whole; and from above through the influence of unities of a higher order which incorporate and dominate it for their own ends.
It is impossible to cut into this network, to isolate a portion without it becoming frayed and unravelled at all its edges.
All around us, as far as the eye can see, the universe holds together, and only one way of considering it is really possible, that is, to take it as a whole, in one piece.

Pierre Theilard De Chardin, The Phenomenon of Man - pag.42-43
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